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If you are interested in having me present for you here is some basic information you should know.

Audio Visual Equipment:

If I utilize any AV equipment for the class you are interested I will bring my own computer, projector, and speakers. I ask that the host provide a modern large screen TV (>40″), or a projector screen, or a white/light colored wall which I can project on to. It is also possible for me to hang a white sheet if none of those other options are available.


I realize that most groups work on very tight budgets and compensating presenters is tough. If you are hosting a 2 hour class, for example, what you are seeing is the result of 20+ hours of curriculum development and research plus the 8 years of professional and 9 years of personal experience I bring to the table. That is said not to brag, but rather to put in context that a 2 hour class is reflective of a lot more time and effort than just 2 hours. The compensation I ask for is not unusual and will never make me rich, but also will help me not lose money to teach for your group. I ask for travel and accommodations (a couch or guest room is perfect), a per diem for meals, and $100 per class. If the class you would like requires a demo bottom, travel reimbursement and a per diem for meals for them is greatly appreciated.

In addition to the class or classes your group might like to host I’m also happy to provide emergency response plan consultation, review safety staff training programs, conduct a venue emergency preparedness walk through, take a shift on your medical team, or help out in other ways.

As much as I love teaching my landlord loves getting paid.


To schedule a class send me an e-mail at I try to book classes 3-6 months in advance but will book further out as well. Less than 3 months notice there’s a pretty slim chance I’ll be able to make it work. I average 70 hours a week working an irregular schedule in my vanilla life so I need to schedule things carefully.

Class List:

Available in a single file as PDF or a web based list.